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Why Train Here?

Around the world, there is an estimated 75 million people being taught in hundreds of thousands of Taekwondo schools. So why should you train here rather than at another school? Our school has won numerous awards and received many positive reviews. When you train at the Korean Academy of Taekwondo, you will gain:

  • The history and expertise of one of the oldest martial arts schools in Colorado.
  • A unique understanding of the underlying physical principles behind martial arts.
  • A dynamic and intense environment that will prepare you for high level competition.
  • A chance to make a positive impact locally with community service projects.
  • A fun, safe place for children and families.

But don't just take our word for it. Book a free trial today!


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Korean Academy of Taekwondo 16850 E. Mississippi Ave Aurora, CO 80017 (303) 743-7767