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What We Teach - Curriculum Overview

Here is an overview of the material that we cover in our martial arts classes both for children and for adults. Your lessons will include three critical components. Click on each one for a more detailed explanation. You may also want to see the belt promotion requirements.

The first component is the Traditional Taekwondo Component. Here we practice the forms, one step sparring and techniques that are practiced all over the world and have been practiced and passed down through the generations. The emphasis here is on power, accuracy, and technical proficiency. There is not much evolution of technique in this component.

The second component is the Sport Taekwondo Component. Here we compete in the Olympic sport of Taekwondo. We follow the competition rules that limit available techniques. Because competition is done in a public venue, techniques evolve rapidly as people see what works and what doesn’t. The emphasis is on speed and utility. We have a sparring competition team for serious students.

The third component is the Practical Self Defense component. Here we practice our grappling and other associated techniques. There are no ‘rules’ in the street situation and the supreme ideal of this component is utility— whether or not a given technique works in a given situation. Thus techniques evolve fairly rapidly in this component as well.

These three components represent the core of our school. However, we also teach Weapons Training and Demonstration Team Training. These two disciplines are optional and not included on belt promotion tests.

We try whenever possible to engage in creative and innovative training. We often train in local parks, and every summer, engage in mountain training and wilderness survival training. We realize that it's no good to train in martial arts for years, and then get lost in the forest. Exceptional students may also be able to participate in the groundbreaking instructor training course developed by KAT.

Overall, the structure of the training is very beneficial to students with ADHD, ADD, or even Autism Spectrum Disorders. The training also provides numerous health benefits.


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