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The KAT South Branch opened on November 1st, 2007 to serve the Highlands Ranch and Littleton Taekwondo communities. This location continues our tradition of building modern, full featured martial arts training environments. When Master Chris Garrett of Garrett Taekwondo (formerly Strantz Taekwondo) decided to leave the martial arts business, he knew that he wanted the Korean Academy to take over his location.

This branch offers the full range of training offered at KAT including preschool martial arts programs children's self-defense programs, , adult taekwondo and karate lessons , fitness and conditioning classes, weapons training, training for advanced students , and real life self defense.

The facility of the school is very special. We have a viewing area, children's play area, separate male and female bathrooms, and ploymetrics boxes. We also have a special custom built floor to absorb the shock of hard falls and prevent chronic injuries by softening the force exerted on the joints during normal training activities.


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Board Breaking Class

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