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Real Life Self Defense

Over the years, many KAT students have used what they have learned to keep themselves and their families safe. All students should use the discipline, focus, and concentration that they learn to better their lives, yet sometimes students must also physically defend themselves. Here is a sampling of recent occasions.

12/13 - KAT instructor is boarding bus when driver accidentally slams on gas. Instructor does falling technique and escapes with only a broken finger.

4/11 - Metro student is attacked from behind on the way to a competition. He enters the clinch and breaks the opponent's ribs with a knee strike before being able to run away.

3/11 - Metro student is attacked while walking home at night. She side kicks her assailant in the knee, breaking it. She is then able to run away and call the police, who have an easy time apprehending the suspect. He goes to prision for several years.

11/09- Metro student falls 20 feet off scaffolding onto concrete and successfully protects his head and spine from any injury using falling technique.

10/09 - Teen age girl KAT student is attacked in school by a larger boy and thrown to the ground. She shrimps to her guard and then sweeps the boy over, holding him in the secure mount until teachers come.

9/09 - 45 year old metro student flips over his handlebars, rolls out and escapes without any injury, except where his bike falls on his arm.

2007 - Metro student is sleeping when three men break into his house. He kicks and punches all of them, then flees to his basement. When the attackers follow, he sneaks out of the basement and locks all three inside. Once they are trapped, he calls police.

2007 - Metro student is hit by a car while crossing Colfax st by campus. He successfully does falling technique on the hood and windshield of the car and is able to walk away from the accident.






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