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Every June KAT awards the Michael Pottle Memorial Scholarship to one deserving high school senior to help defray their costs of attending college in the fall. The scholarship comittee considers three main areas:

Academic Record: Classes taken and grades achieved. Students may submit results of standardized tests if they wish them to be considered.

Community Service: Volunteer and other work done to make the world a better place.

Contribution to the KAT: Work done, students helped, championships won, etc.

The scholarship is currently valued at one payment of $500. Students should submit evidence of their contributions as noted above as well as proof that they will attend college in the fall. The scholarship is open to all students who have been with KAT for at least 6 months, however KAT black belts will be given extra consideration. All applications must be received by June 1st.


Past Winners

2012: Devin Benson: The 2012 winner of the scholarship was Devin Benson. Devin finished high school with a 3.97 GPA and will attend Harding University in the fall. Devin has been a key member of KAT Littleton and the demo team for several years. He holds black belts in both karate and Taekwondo.




2011: Christina Seraile: The first winner of the scholarship was Christina Seraile. Christina eanred fantastic grades through Aurora Options and used the scholarship to attend the Community College of Aurora. Christina has been heavily involved in KAT since her original school, United Academy, closed. She is an instructor, head counselor at summer camp, and member of the National Honor Sociery.








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