Colorado martial arts classes

KAT Recent History

Here is the in depth and official KAT School History. For videos and pictures, see the KAT Facebook Timeline Page. You can also see details of many of the below events on Colorado Martial Arts News. This page is updated every December.

December 2014: KAT chooses the first ever sponsored team. Team members include Zak Kirk, Taylor Atlman, and JT Axelrod (Forms) and Grace and Josh Kosloski, Sir Salonis, Laron Younger, Jaire Fortt, Daler Latipov, CJ Calingo, and Max Rozmiarek (Sparring). Paloma Gonzalez is elected manager. Josh K wins gold at the Pan Am Open, and Grace K wins silver.

November 2014: The Fall Black Belt Class is the largest in KAT history. Ahmed Alsubaihawi, Sam Douglass, and Laron Younger earn their third degree black belts. Anthony Hicks and Talyor Altman earn their second degree black belts. Le Roy Younger, Joseph Von Hulongbayan, Braulio and Franco De La Oliva, Tomas Ortiz, David Berg, Paloma Gonzalez, Sir Salonis, and Sam and JT Axelrod earn their first degree black belts. Andrew Myers and Joseph Henderson earn their first degree black belts and are elected captains of the test class. This is a milestone test for many programs, as it brings the first black belts from Quest and High Point Academy to start in those programs, as well as the first 2nd dans from GVA. Metro State wins first, CU Denver wins forth, and CCA wins fifth in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Championships.

Fall 2014: KAT opens up new afterschool programs under various individual instructors. These include William Smith High School (Sir Salonis), Ponderosa Elementary School (Paloma Gonzalez) GVA Ft Collins (Scott Granger) and Aurora Frontier and Lotus School for Excellence (Master Kamil).

September 2014: Sir Salonis wins the Daedo National Championships and earns a spot on this team for 2015. Josh earns another spot on the AAU Cadet National Team.

August 2014: KAT Participates in the Master Kunkel Fight For Life Classic. KAT also hosts the first ever Ninja Mile, where Congressman Mike Coffman attends and breaks a board.

Summer 2014: KAT hosts three camps where we make a comic book, film the first part of the DreamQuest movie, and make the Legends of KAT video game. We climb Gray's Peak for mountain training. Josh K defeats Russia by superiority, becoming the first American ever to win the World Cadet Championships. Josh K is on the cover of Totally TKD Magazine. Josh K is the featured athlete of USA Taekwondo. Jibreal J wins bronze and Adam M wins silver in sparring in the 2014 USAT National Championships. Natalie G wins gold in the grassroots black belt sparring as well. Ins Laron Younger wins gold in breaking and bronze in sparring.

May 2014: In the Spring 2014 Black Belt Class, Joseph Lopez, Chris Webster, and Feven Yohannes earn their third degree black belts. Devin Bolton earns his second degree black belt, while Mark and Eric L, Shay Wedderburn, and Jenny Kim all earn their first degree black belts.

April 2014: Sir Salonis (Comeback of the Year), Ahmed Alsubaihawi (Kick of the Year), Master RJ Tomas (Break of the Year) earn awards in the first ever Colorado Martial Arts Awards. Paloma Gonzalez wins silver in the black belt sparring division of the NCTA Collegiate National Championships. Metro State fends off a strong challenge from CSU to continue its unbeaten streak in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate TKD League. KAT hosts first ever blaster pad championships.

March 2014: In the 2014 CO State Championships KAT wins 26 G, 1S, 3B out of 30 divisions entered. KAT wins the 'School of the Year' Award for the 4th time in 5 years. KAT hosts the Lone Wolf Classic (results) where 365 competitors vie for top honors and to complete their full medals. CVA and Quest both earn first in the Elementary School Championships.

Feb 2014: KAT Uganda opens up under Ins Ahmed B. They become a Taekwondo force in East Africa. Josh K wins silver in US Open, losing by superiority in overtime to Russia. An epic rivalry is born.

Jan 2014: Taekwondo Times calls our audiobook "a must have for serious martial arts practioners." KAT hosts the first 'Paddleball World Cup'. Master Bill's team (Tajikistan) wins the adult division via last minute heroics from Ins. Kyle Landon. Joshua Kosloski earns a spot on the US Cadet team, and the right to represent our country in the fist World Cadet Championships in Baku, Az.

December 2013: In the fall black belt test, Mtich Harris earned his karate 1st dan, while Master Kamil earned his 5th Dan, Kyle Landon and Josh Kosloski earned their third dans, Grace Kosloski, Dr. Rafael Moreno, John John Tomas and Daler Latipov all earned second dans, and Zee Nwuke and Isabella Walsh earned first dans.

November 2013: In the Fall Elementary School Championships, CVA took first place. The University of Northern Colorado hosted the 2013 Fall Collegiate championships, where Metro State earned first place and Community College of Aurora won 5th place. KAT's audiobook, Taekwondo: A Practical Guide to the World's Most Popular Martial Art becomes the first martial arts instructional audiobook on Amazon/Audible. KAT Competed at the Colorado Cup Taekwondo Championships, where we won the top black belt divisions in Breaking (Master RJ) and Boy's Forms (Anthony) and Girl's Forms (Taylor) Instructor Ahmed Alsubaihawi returned to Iraq to compete in an Iraqi professional Taekwondo league. CKTKD begins teaching at Merrill Middle School.

October 2013: KAT gains the ability to teach CPR and First Aid seminars through Instructor LaRon Younger. KAT also wins the "Aurora Macaroni Kid" Family Choice award for best martial arts school.

September 2013: KAT releases The Princess and the Ogre: Martial Arts Based Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes for Children of all Ages and donates 100% of the first month's profits to fight childhood cancer. The book debuts at number 1 on Amazon for martial arts ebooks. Josh K also repeated on the AAU Cadet National Team.

August 2013: KAT performs in the Western Welcome Week Parade in Littleton and also competes in the Colorado State Team Trials on the same day. We placed 10 out of 11 people on the state team, most by point gaps. State Team members included Artur A, Grace K, Josh K, Sir S, Ahmed A, Isabella C, and CJ C while poomsae team members included Taylor A, Anthony H, and Ahish B. KAT once again placed the most members on the Colorado State Team of any school. KAT also held Comic Book Camp and released our first comic book, Super Tiger Force!. KAT also hosts our first Focus Camp, where students use technology to improve focus. This included such things as flying a helicopter with their minds.

July 2013: Three athletes competed in the 2013 World Taekwondo Championships in Puebla, Mexico. Ahmed Alsubaihawi (Iraq), Alisher Gulov (Tajikistan) and Khusrav Giyosov (Tajikistan) all represented their countried with honor and skill. Master Bill and Master Kamil went as coaches and Sarah A went as a reporter from Colorado Martial Arts News. Dulce Ramos and Karen served as excellent attaches from the organizing comittee. In a special moment, both Master Kamil and Ins Ahmed got to be flag bearers for their countries in the opening ceremonies which was seen by millions of people around the world. KAT also rocked a demo at the Dragon Boat Festival, hosted a successful Mountain Training and made Ninja Kids 2: The Wrath of Kumori (2013) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Bloopers)

In the 2013 US National Champsionships, KAT earned 6 medals from just 7 athletes. Anthony H won gold in boy's red belt forms, while Taylor A won bronze in girl's red belt forms and Josiah D won bronze in boy's yellow belt forms. In sparring, Josh, CJ, and Alondra all took silver medals.

May 2013: Instructor Jacob dominates again, defending his title and improving to 3-0. In the black belt test, Zak Kirk earned his 4th dan while Mitch Wisner earned third. Laron Younger, Harrison Archer, and Lexi Brown earned 2nd dans. Heidi Wedderburn, Sue Roche, Bambi Maddox, Max Minnig, Lydia McCullough, Kristin Tite, Melissa Sipes, Cinnamon Claussen, Ahthony Hicks, Tadan Rose, Fishion Yohannes, Taylor Altman and Nina Kentwortz all earned first dan honors.

April 2013: Metro State competes in the 2013 Collegiate National Championships. The result also gives metro the 2012-2013 RMCTL Title.

March 2013: KAT hosts the Twin Dragons Tournament (Results) with a record 325 competitors. KAT also sends people to the 2013 Colorado State Championships (Results). Due to the close timing between both events, KAT wins third overall at state. Global Village Academy wins the Colorado Elementary School League.

Feb 2013: Josh and Grace K both win gold at both US Open and Canadian Open. Ins LaRon Yonger also wins silver in the 31-40 heavyweight division, defeating Norway along the way. In the adult division, Ahmed A and Khusrav G face each other in the first round (1 in 94 odds). (See day 1 results) (See senior division results)

Jan 2013: KAT is blessed to have two Olympians come to train with us for 2013, Alisher Gulov and Farkhod Negmatov. In the Pikes Peak Daedo Challenge, the two Olympians plus Ahmed A win three out of the 4 prizes for the men's black belt division. KAT also releases the 2013 Women of KAT Calendar which raises $500 for Children's Hospital. Littleton KAT comes under the direction of Laron Younger and Kyle Landon. They expand the program to Vanguard Classical School.

November 2012: KAT hosts the Fall Elementary School Championships. GVA takes first place followed by CVA. Metro State TKD competes at the Collegiate League Championships, and wins first place. In the fall black belt test, Lauren Aunkst and Ahmed Alsubaihawi earn their second degree black belts. An and Harry Truong, Tatiana Coleman, Alex Cimini and Laron Younger earn their first degree black belts. KAT offers a free self defense seminar with a police officer to the community. Students perform a demonstration at the Aurora History Museum. The elementary school league hosts its fall tournament. CU Boulder hosts the Fall Rocky Mountain Collegiate Taekwondo Championships, where Auraria Campus Taekwondo once again earns first place.

October 2012: KAT attends the Champion Taekwondo Academy Tournament where Kyra Pottle breaks boards after a judge offers her candy. Many students win medals and KAT wins the 2nd place trophy for most competitors. Instructor Jacob G wins an amateaur kickboxing title.

September 2012: Josh K earns a spot on the AAU National Team for the 12-13 year old division. KAT enters the Colorado Cup Tournament, with many medals. Josh, Grace, and Ahmed win $100 sponsorships for being the best sparrers. Katie receives one as a referee as well. KAT wins the "Best School Award." KAT hosts another demo camp.

August 2012: In the Colorado State Team Trials, KAT wins all attempted spots. Ahmed A, Josh and Grace K, and Daniel L win spots for sparring. Dale Zamora wins a spot for forms. KAT performs a demonstration to benefit the victims of the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting. KAT also performs in parades for Western Welcome Week (Littleton) and the Corn Roast Festival (Loveland). KAT begins our program at Omar D. Blair school.

July 2012: At USAT nationals Anthony H got Gold in forms, LaRon Younger won Silver in breaking and Scott Granger won BRONZE. In sparring Grace K won Gold, and Scott and Laron won Bronze. Alondra G who Gold in sparring. In AAU Nationals both Josh and Grace won gold in sparring. KAT does mountain training on Gray's Peak. KAT also hosts its second movie camp and produces Ninja Kids. The movie is followed by a red carpet premiere. In the U.S. Open Hanmadang, Shannon Clousing wins gold in forms. KAT performs a demonstration at the Dragon Boat Festival.

June 2012: The KAT Scholarship is renamed the Michael Pottle Memorial Scholarship and won by Devin Benson. KAT performs another demonstration at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Toko gets into a fight with the Outlaws mascot Sticks. KAT also hosts its first Ninja Camp. The Colorado Elementarty School League is formed. See the results from the first season.

May 2012: Ahmed A went to compete in a mid east Taekwondo league where he defeated both Iraq and Iran. KAT students attended the USTC tournament and ESA tournament on the same day, ourscoring our opponents by over 100 points.

April 2011: ACT Students attend the Collegiate National Championships at MIT in Boston. Emad Ismael wins gold in sparring, Jenny Kim wins silver, and Jeremy Johannes wins Bronze. In the black belt test, Master Bethany Lopez and RJ Tomas earn their 4th degree. Joseph Lopez and Chris Webster earn their second degree.Ethan A earns his first degree. Jeremy Johannes, Brittany Clousing, Scott Erickson, Devin Benson, Melinda Cruz, and Harrison Archer earn their first degrees. The KAT Tournament Comittee is formed to help future events run more smoothly.

KAT also hosts the White Tiger Championship, which features many innovations, including magnetic connecting medals. With 310 competitors, it is our biggest tournament ever and the largest olympic style even in Colorado in 2012.

March 2012: In the state championships, KAT once again wins School of the Year. The demo team wins the short demo competition. In the first Rocky Mountain Collegiate Championships, Metro wins first, CU Boulder second, CSU third, and UNC forth. Josh K wins the Chanel 9 Top Olympic Sports Moment of 2011 in a red carpet awards show.

Feb 2012: KAT students compete in the US Open. Josh K wins the silver medal, losing only to sweeden. Ahmed A loses to Brazil in the quarterfinals. Ahmed B comes to visit us from Uganda and help out in the school.

Jan 2012: KAT hosts the first Sport Poomsae Extravaganza. KAT also releases the official smartphone ap. KAT releases the "Men of KAT Calendar" which raises $500 for Children's Hospital. Master Bill and Instructor Katie publish The Way of the Dojo: Owning and Operating your own Martial Arts School. KAT releases the new Introductory Video.

Winter 2011-2012: Master RJ beats out 30,000+ people to be on the hit Filipino show Pinoy Big Brother. He ends up making it to the top 14 in the show. He earns a measure of fame on the islands and this jumpstarts his career.

November 2011: KAT hosts the fall black belt test. Master Bill earns his 6th degree black belt, Master Ron Roe earns his 4th degree, Brenna S earns her 2nd degree, John John Tomas earns his first degree, John Macaluso earns his first degree, Ben Schlimm earns his first degree (while doing a tebowing flying side kick), Iman D earns her first degree, Kyle L earns his 2nd degree, Lexi Brown earns her first degree, Marcus Risley earns his first degree, and Rachel W earns her first degree. Christian V earns his first degree.

October 2011: Master Emelio restarts the KAT Iraq program, this time in Kirkuk. KAT students attend the Pan Am Open. Josh K wins silver and Paloma G wins gold. KAT hosts the Lone Wolf Classic with a large increase in competitors from the previous year.

September 2011: KAT hosts the first glow nunchucks seminar with custom made nunchucks.

August 2011: The KAT Competition team gets sponsorship from Poweraide. KAT begins the Tiger Cubs class, becoming one of the first schools to offer martial arts training for 2-3 year olds.

Summer 2011: KAT invents Grappleball.

July 2011: KAT students attend the US National TKD Championships. Paloma G and Chris H win silver in sparring, Rachel W, Kris K, Arianna B, and Grace K win bronze. Brendan K and Josh K win gold. Brendan K wins gold in breaking and forms as well. KAT does mountain training on Mt. Evans. KAT also makes its first movie during summer camp - Forever Faithful: The Story of Admiral Yi. KAT instructors attend the MAIA supershow. Instructor Mitch Wisner wins a wavemaster for doing the fastest 100 double kicks.

June 2011: KAT black belt Adam Edwards is featured in Black Belt Magazine.

May 2011: KAT hosts the first ever Demo Camp in the Littleton school. KAT also awards the first college scholarship to Instructor Christina Seraile. KAT attends the Eagle Spirit Academy Attitude for Gold tournament. KAT Loveland does a demonstration for the opening of the blockbuster Kung Fu Panda 2 movie.

April 2011: In the black belt test Scott Granger, Rafael Moreno, Kyle Landon, John Macaluso, Tara and Jasmine Mehbrot, Colton Leturgez, Devin B and more pass the black belt test.

March 2011: KAT once again wins the Colorado State TKD Association "School of the Year". 23 students win gold in sparring, 6 win silver, and 1 wins bronze. In forms, KAT wins 7 of the 9 spots on the CO State Team with Instructors Shannon Clousing and Mitch Wisner, and Lisa Manifold, Sue Roche, and Ins Shannon for the 3 person team.

February 2011: KAT sends 4 athletes to the US Open. Josh K and Ahmed A win their first matches but lose to the gold medalists in their divisions. Sarah M and Brittney H from Loveland spar well in their first major tournament. Master Bill is inducted as a comissioner in the USAT- Martial Arts Comission.

January 2011: The 3rd Edition of the KAT handbook becomes available with new videos for all techniques. KAT hosts the first ever Demo Camp in Littleton.

December 2010: KAT hosts the 120th promotion test. Nathan Allison earns his first degree black belt. KAT performs a holiday themed demo for the Aurora Mall. The first KAT yearbook is published.

October 2010: Iman D wins the "Kick of the Month" contest from USAT. KAT sends students to the World TKD College Tournament. KAT color belts and Josh win every black belt division. Grace K wins the 6-7 Black belt division, Marcus R the 8-9 Black belt division, Josh K the 10-11 black belt division, and Mustafa wins the teenage black belt division. KAT also attends the Choi brothers tournament. Terry R wins the black belt and grand champion breaking divisions and Alyssa R and Jasmine R nearly win advanced sparring divisions despite being beginners.

September 2010: KAT Loveland hosts the Lone Wolf Classic, bringing about 100 competitors to Loveland. Shannon Clousing (Adult Black Belt) and Victor Lee (Jr. Color Belt) win grand champion honors. KAT also expands into digital media with Kick Me Photography. KAT also recieves the 2010 'School of the Year' award from COSTA for earning the most medals in state and national championships in 2010. Students also compete in the Rocky Mountain Open. Josh K wins gold in sparring, Ahmed A wins bronze. Amy K and Brittney win gold in forms, Cory wins silver in breaking. KAT hosts the 119th promotion test. Feven Y, Chris W, Joseph L, and Brenna S earn their first degree black belts.

August 2010: Tyler K, Komil L, Sarah M, Joe L, Bethany L, and June L all win spots on the CO State team, the most of any school. Iman D and Moriah G almost win another spot. This marks the first time KAT has won the most spots of any school in CO. Former student Davy Armstrong signs with the Colorado Rapids. Master Matt Bailey becomes a USAT Level 2 Certified Coach.

Summer 2010: KAT again holds mountain training, 2 summer camps, and the summer festival. KAT wins 4th in the 2010 Channel 7 News A List competition.

July 2010: The demo team performs for the premiere of The Last Airbender. KAT students attend the national championships in Florida. Grace K and Moriah G win gold in sparring, Joe Garcia, Lexi B, and Chris Moore win silver in sparring, and Iman D and Joe L win Bronze in sparring. Lexi B also won Bronze in forms and Moriah G silver for a total of 9 medals. Mayor Tauer of Aurora meets the team to congratulate them. The KAT demo Team performs at our biggest venue ever, Invesco Field!

June 2010: KAT hosts the 118th Promotion Test in the park. It's one of the best black belt tests ever. Tyler Wilson, Shannon Clousing, Moriah Garcia, Sam Williams, Bailey Williams, Connor Sullivan and Kyle Landon promote to 1st dan. Mitch Wisner promotes to 2nd Dan, and Zak Kirk promotes to 3rd Dan. The demo team performs for the premiere of The Karate Kid.

May 2010: KAT sends 45 competitors to the CO State Championship, winning nearly 100 medals overall. We take 21 gold medals in sparring, a new record for KAT. KAT wins 'runner up' in the Parenthood Magazine 'Family Favorite' competition.

April 2010: Metro State College hosts the NCTA Collegiate Nationals tournament, earning 2nd place in sparring. Metro students won 15 medals: Bruno Echegoyen-Chirinos ( Silver Male Yellow Belt Flyweight Sparring), Yimleej Vang ( Gold, Male Yellow Belt Flyweight Sparring), Matthew Hays ( Bronze, Male Yellow Belt Featherweight Sparring), Jacqueline Olszewski ( Bronze Female Yellow Belt Featherweight Sparring), Harrison Archer ( Bronze Male Yellow Belt Welterweight Sparring), Brandon Blair ( Silver Male Yellow Belt Welterweight Sparring), Sean Duplantier ( Silver Male Yellow Belt Heavyweight Sparring) ,Amanda Fredericks ( Silver Female Yellow Belt Heavyweight Sparring) , Kadir Jara ( Bronze Male Green/Blue Belt Featherweight Sparring), Nathan Allison ( Silver Male Red Belt Flyweight Sparring), Mirabelle Mouskos ( Silver Female Red Belt Flyweight Sparring), Ivan Smirnou ( Gold, Male Red Belt Featherweight Sparring), John Macaluso ( Bronze Male Red Belt Heavyweight Sparring), Ivan Smirnou ( Bronze, Male Red Belt Featherweight Forms), Ben Schlimm ( Bronze, Male Blue Belt Heavyweight Forms). Scott Granger earns his 1st degree black belt.

March 2010: Josh Kosloski takes the black belt test and promotes to 1st degree black belt.

February 2010: In the Tiger Kim's tournament, Joon Lee won first and Patrick Lam won second in the black belts combined weight division. Connor B won 2nd and Sarah Mast won 3rd in sparring. Sarah also had a sweet board break to win first. In the USAT qualifier, Josh K won 2nd and Chris M won 1st in their divisions, qualifying both of them.

January 2010: CKTKD hosts the first Twin Dragons Tournament. There are 180 competitors from 15 schools. Grand Champion Swords are awarded to Steven Truesdale (Sr Color Belt), Connor Sullivan (Sr Black Belt) Joshua Kosloski (Jr Black Belt) and Grace Kosloski and Nicholas Gilbert (Jr Color Belts).

November 2009: KAT students compete in Yi's Elite friendship competition with almost 15 students. KAT students win every forms and breaking division they enter, as well as every sparring match. Shannon Clousing and Ron Roe enter the Rocky Mountain Open and win 5 gold medals out of 5 events. KAT begins the Lady Tigers Program (mom's class.)

October 2009: KAT Students compete in the 1st CO State Han Ma Dang and bring home many medals. Intramurals is held in Loveland for the first time. Katie H. earns 3rd degree black belt.

September 2009: KAT holds the 115th Promotion Test. Jaire Fortt tests for black belt and is the first candidate to use 'egg sparring.'

KAT becomes a top 5 winner in the Channel 7 News "Best Martial Arts School In Denver" contest. KAT also releases Teaching Martial Arts: A Practical Guide our instructor training manual so that it can be used by other schools as well.

August 2009: KAT holds its first ever Martial Arts Festival featuring Paintfoot Sparring, Weapons, Forms, Breaking, Sword Sparring, Long Kick Contests, Trick Kick Battles, Continuous Doubles Contests, and Group Chunji with 50 + people. (Highlights). KAT starts the Quest after-school program.

KAT hosts the 2nd Survival Training (Highlights)

July 2009: KAT attends the USAT Nationals in San Antonio, TX. All sparring competitors make it to the finals, with Josh K, Jaire F, and Joe L winning gold and Grace K and Marcus R winning silver. Josh K also wins silver in sparring and breaking, and Grace K wins bronze in forms. Josh K and Jaire F end 4 of their combined 5 matches early and each are scored on only once. (Highlights Video).

The Demo Team Performs at Kidspree. (Highlights) Students climb Mt. Bierstadt (Highlights)

June 2009: KAT hosts the 114th Promotion Test and 1st Reunion. At the banquet, we give out the first ever Tenant Awards.

Student Winners Include: Courtesy (Chris W and Joe G) , Integrity (Ethan A and Shannon C) , Perseverance (Gerald B and Ron R), Self Control (Kysta C and Abbey G), Indomitable Spirit. (Josh K and Marcus R).

Instructor Winners Include: Courtesy (Edwin M), Integrity (Jacob G) , Perseverance (Katie H), Self Control (Master Matt B), Indomitable Spirit. (Master Kamil L)

May 2009: Master Kamil holds the grand opening for Loveland Taekwondo. This program also results in the addition of Master Willie Saunders to the KAT Family.

April 2009: KAT once again hosts the White Tiger Martial Arts Championship. This time KAT programs bring 130 students, and the tournament is once again the biggest and most competitive tournamnent in Colorado in the year. Josh K, Jaire F, and RJ Tomas all win swords in the Grand Champion Competition. KAT Medals total nearly 200, and competition team members win every division they enter. Highlights Video (Part 1) , (Part 2)

March 2009: KAT holds the 113th promotion test and 29th anniversary celebration. Kamil Latipov is promoted to 4th Degree Master and Edwin Montero is promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt.

KAT attends the Colorado State Championship, where Beth Lopez and Master Kamil earn spots on the state team. KAT students win many state championship titles.

February 2009: Edwin Montero and Kamil Latipov attend the US Open in Las Vegas to face competitors from all over the world. Yet, Kamil's first match is against KAT black belt and current Texas resident Sean Keeton. Kamil wins his first two matches. Edwin defeats Australia in overtime but is too injured to continue.

KAT students also attend the AAU state championship where we win all color belt matches against other schools. Josh K wins gold, Marus R wins gold in his division, while Tadan R wins silver in the same division. Chris H easily gaps his opponent in the first round to take gold. Ivan S and LaRon Y both take silver in their black belt divisions.

TOKO the KAT Mascot, makes his debut as the Demo Team performs at the Denver Nuggets vs Oklahoma City Thunder game.

December 2008: KAT students attend the Rocky Mountain Open at the Olympic Training Center. Marcus R, Josh K, and Autumn W all win gold in sparring and forms. Master Kelley S nearly wins the absolute combined black belt divisions in forms and sparring.

We undertake large rennovations in the dojang, including painting the walls blue and silver, adding mirrors, and redoing the countertops. Joel Dallin and Crystal and Joe Garcia provide excellent help.

November 2008: KAT hosts the first Intramurals competition. Auraria Campus Taekwondo students face AFA cadets at the Air Force Academy Scrimmage, and KAT launches the Wiki Drills site to aid martial arts instructors worldwide. We host the 112th Promotion Test, where Talal, Hannah, and Abdella Aoga earn their 1st degree black belts. Ron Roe and RJ Tomas both earn their third degree black belts.

October 2008: KAT parents revive the TKD Sports Association, a 501c3 non-profit foundation, and holds a fall festival and garage sale.

Summer 2008: KAT hosts 2 summer camps, another mountain training, the first back to school party, and the first mountain survival training.

May 2008: Adam Edwards, Kevin Lee, and Dr. Rafael Moreno all test for 1st degree black belt at Metro.

April 2008: KAT hosts the White Tiger Martial Arts Championships at Metro. 230 competitors from 23 programs participate. KAT programs bring a total of 99 competitors.

March 2008: KAT brings 30 students to the Colorado State Taekwondo Championship and earns 50 total medals. Kamil Latipov wins 3 difficult matches in overtime to win a spot on the CO state team.

Feburary 2008: KAT hosts the 109th Promotion Test and 28th Anniversary of the school. Edwin Montero enters the US Open and wins Gold and in Forms and Sparring in 33-40 division and defeats the Brazilian national team member in 18-32 Sparring in his first black belt tournament.

The South School merges with Championship Karate to form CKTKD, Inc and over 100 students move into our facility.

Janurary 2008 : KAT performs a demonstration at the Denver Nuggets Game. The demo becomes an episode of KAT TV. Master Emelio starts up the KAT Baghdad, Iraq program.

December 2008: KAT grapplers travel to Fuseboxe to enter a mini-Tournament. Ashley H places 3rd in the boys division and Tyler Wilson and Tom place 2nd and 4th respectively in the men's 150+ division.

November 2007 - KAT acquires the former Garrett Taekwondo and opens its new south branch location. We install a new 'floating floor' and Masters Bob and Jason McKenna join our team. We also host the 108th Promotion Test where Josh, Beth, and Matt Lopez test for 3rd Dan.

October 2007 - KAT Records 137,000 kicks in the World Record Kickathon. At the Castle Rock Tournament, students have a great showing in all events. Beth Lopez dominates her division and wins by knockout in the finals. Total record is:

Sparring (18 people) 6 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze
Breaking (4 people) 3 gold, 1 bronze
Forms (12 people) 3 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze

September 2007 - KAT begins programs in Global Village Academy and St. Therese Elementary School.

August 2007- KAT holds the 107th Promotion Test. KAT TV becomes the official podcast of KAT.

July 2007 - KAT hosts the 2nd Summer Camp.

Summer 2007- KAT hosts 2 mountain trainings, one at the Air Force Academy Falcon Trail, and one on Grays Peak!

June 2007 - KAT hosts the 106th Promotion test in the park. Katie H, Miranda W, and Sarah G all test for their 2nd Degree Black Belts.

May 2007 - KAT attends the ESA Attitude for Gold Tournament and the AAU Regional Qualifiers in Loveland. Students have great results at both tournaments.

April 2007- KAT sends competitors to the Colorado State Championships. Tony Nguyen and Amy Percosky earn spots on the CO State Team.

March 2007 - At the end of the month, Master Bill attends the National Collegiates. Metro loses the bid to host Collegiate Nationals by 1 vote to Stanford.

February, 2007 - KAT hosts its 27th Birthday Celebration and 105th Promotion Test. Myell White earns his 1st degree black belt. The 2nd Edition of the Handbook becomes available.

January 2007 - KAT performs a demonstration at the Denver Nuggets game. Over 100 students and parents attend the game, many of the dressing up in KAT Gear. Master Emelio Tio moves to Texas and starts the independant KAT Texas Branch.

December 2006 - Liz Brewer and Zak Kirk earn their 2nd degree black belts at metro in a difficult test that had to be continued later due to injury.

November 2006 - KAT holds the 104th Promotion Test. Nicholas Reutter earns his 1st degree black belt.

October 2006 - KAT raises nearly $2500 for Autism research, performs a demo and completes the Colorado Autism Walk.

October 2006 - KAT does over 106,000 kicks in the Project Action kickathon. This is the 6th highest total nationwide, out of several hundred schools.

September 2006 - KAT Competes in the Tiger Kim's Academy Tournament. Nick Barta wins a fantastic match against a competitor who outweighs him by well over 100 pounds. Master Matt Bailey competes for the US in the World Military Championships.

September 2006 - KAT Competes in its first ever grappling tournament and nearly wins first place, losing by only one bronze medal, 24 to 23.

August 2006 - KAT holds the 103rd promotion test. 25 students increase in rank and Geri Crawley earns a rare double promotion.

August 2006 - KAT hosts the 1st Summer Camp. 17 students and four counselors participate in a very memorable week.

August 2006 - KAT acquires dozens of great students when the United Academy of Taekwondo closes. They immediately make a positive impact.

July 2006- AAU National Championships- Malia Tio wins bronze medals in Olympic Sparring, Point Sparring, and Forms. Vincent Tio wins bronze in forms, and Emelio Tio wins bronze in forms and gold in point sparring.

June 2006- 102nd Promotion Test- KAT holds the 102nd test in Rocky Ridge park with a potluck to follow.

May 2006- KAT members go to Loveland to compete in the Region 10 AAU tournament. We bring home several medals in forms, olympic sparring, and point sparring. Master Emelio Tio wins grand champion honors. Master Bill earns his 5th degree black belt!

March 2006- Evan D comes back from Cornell and Sean Keeton returns from Texas A&M to compete in the US National Collegiate Team Trials. Evan earns a silver medal in the welterweight division and Sean earns a bronze in finweight.

March 2006- KAT competes in the Colorado State Championships. Chris Gutierrez (Heavy), Javier Gutierrez (Middle) and Lina Munoz (Welter) all earn spots on the CO State Team. Chris F, Katie H, and Paola S all earn silver medals in their black belt divisions. Edwin M and Juan S meet in the finals of the men's blue belt division. Over 20 KAT students compete and earn medals.

March 2006- 101st Promotion test. RJ Tomas, Malia Tio, and Vincent Tio all test for their 2nd degree black belt. Emelio Tio breaks three bricks and earns his 4th degree black belt.

February 2006- KAT celebrates its 26th anniversary.

December, 2005- 100th Promotion Test - Katie H and Will L give a great performance to earn their 1st degree black belts. The test is one of the largest in recent years and is featured in the paper.

November, 2005- ACT scrimmages against CU Boulder and wins by a score of 580 to 320 in league competition.

November, 2005- KAT attends the Yi's Elite TKD Championships. Paola S, Malia T, Edwin M, Katie H, and Chris G all earn gold medals in sparring. Katie H wins by sparring off against Master Andre's wife and Chris G wins the black belt combined heavyweight division.

October, 2005- 99th Promotion test. Jon Baker earns his black belt. Free grappling is now fully integrated into the exam. Liz B and Zak K test at metro to earn their 1st degree black belts.

July, 2005- Balance Boba, LLC, KAT's own bubble tea shop, opens up inside of the newly rennovated parents' area.

July, 2005- KAT Hosts the first annual mountain training.

July, 2005- Maila Tio wins the AAU national championships in sparring for the Jr. Black Belt Division.

KAT attends the USAT Junior Nationals in Austin, Tx. Ethan T wins bronze in black belt forms.

May, 2005- Ron Roe, 58 years old and legally blind, gives a thorough and inspiring performance in ACT's first black belt test. His performance earns him articles in the Rocky Mountain News and @Metro papers.

April, 2005.- KAT resumes hosting its annual tournament, the Colorado Elite Taekwondo Championships. KAT and ACT combine to send 75 competitors and easily take home the first place trophy for team and collegiate competition. Katie H., Malia T. and Emelio T. win Grand Champions.

March, 2005 - KAT attends the Colorado State Taekwondo Championships. KAT students win medals in every event they compete in for a total of 34 medals. Junior athletes Peter and Theresa Nguyen for make it on the Senior Colorado State Team!

KAT also becomes the featured club of USA Taekwondo.

February, 2005- KAT Celebrates its 25th Anniversary! Click for story and video.

November, 2004.Metro students win four medals at the National ChampionshipsMetro Article





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