Colorado martial arts classes

KAT Patches

KAT students can earn optional patches for completing special tasks. Patches should be sewn on the left and right sleeves, alternating. The first patch goes on the top, and each patch earned later goes one inch lower. Alternatively, you can place them on your gear bag. Students may also wear the patches for any location.

Level 1 Instructor - Pass Level 1 Test

Falcon Trail Patch - Hike all 13 miles of the Falcon Trail, identify 10 plants and animals, and do 30 mins of conservation work.








KAT Summer Camp Patch - Attend the KAT Summer Camp and earn at least 8 beads





Auraria Campus Taekwondo - Be a member of the ACT Team.






KAT Mountain Training - Hike to the top of a 14,000 ft mountain with the school.






KAT Tournament Patch - Participate in any event in the KAT Tournament




Full Splits Club Patch - Do 180 degree splits.






USA Patch - All members may wear.







JK Chung Original School Patch - Attend 350 classes







KAT Survival Training Patch - Attend the KAT Survival Training Weekend and



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