Benefits of Martial Arts Proven Scientifically

martial arts and science

Martial arts teachers like to make a lot of claims about how martial arts can help make your life better. But which ones are true (yes, you can lose weight) and which are false? (no, you will not be able to levitate and shoot fire from your eyes). The following is a list of specific claims about martial arts training. Each claim is supported by specific results of peer reviewed studies and major media articles. Let us know if you are interested in joining our school (Colorado) to get these benefits for yourself. You also might want to check out Taekwondo: A Practical Guide to the World's Most Popular Martial Art ($2.99 on Amazon)


Martial Arts Training Can Make You HEALTHIER

Martial Arts training can increase bone mass and density

Medicine Ball training builds strong bones, and the best time to build bone density is under 14 years of age (Link)

Strength training exercises like running and resistance training have shown to increase bone density and fight off osteoporosis.

Martial Arts Training can help you lose weight

Regular Physical Activity can reduce your risk for several diseases and conditions like; Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Back Pain, and Osteoporosis. (Link)

Planning a Cardio workout to lose weight. (Chart included to compare martial arts against other methods of exercise.) (Link)

Martial Arts Training can improve your flexibility

Regular stretching can improve a person’s Flexibility, Physical Health, Performance, Stamina, General Health, Coordination, Balance, and a decrease in bodily aches and pains. (Link)


Martial Arts Training can help you live longer

10 minutes of strength training a week helped 19 people with an average age of 89 to get out of their wheelchairs in 14 weeks. (Link)

Light exercise 20 to 30 a day might be all you need to add 4 years onto your life! (Link)

Martial Arts Training can help you be smarter. Training can help ofset dementia and alzheimers later in life (Link)
Martial Arts Training Can Make You HAPPIER

Martial Arts Training makes kids more adjusted in school Learning Focus, Memorization, Discipline, Goal Setting, Effort, Confidence, and Respect can help your kids excel in School. (Link)
Martial Arts training can reduce stress The deep breathing techniques taught in most martial may help you quit smoking and reduce stress. (Link)
Martial Arts training can give you a family environment Taking classes with your teenager can help you to renew the bond you both had when they were younger. (Link)
Martial Arts Training can improve your self esteem and outlook on life
Training in martial arts can increase self esteem for children and adults (Link)
Martial Arts Training can help people with ADD/ADHD Martial Arts training offer’s an alternative to children with ADD/ADHD (Link)
Martial arts training can give you discipline which will help you in all areas of your life A 15 year old 2nd Degree black belt juggles being and honor student, a budding cellist, and a martial arts instructor.  All credited to the discipline of martial arts. (Link) One of the largest studies ever shows the effect of self control and self discipline on future success (Link)

Martial Arts Training Can Make You SAFER

Martial Arts training can help keep you safe in a crime A woman defends herself without thinking because of her previous martial arts training. (Link)
Children who train are less likely to be picked on A bully reformed his ways with Martial arts and now teaches children to defend themselves and to not become a bully themselves. (Link)
Martial arts training can give you attacks with tremendous power

Board breaking in martial arts teaches students about power and self confidence. (Link)

Martial artists can punch with more force than a slegdehammer, kick with 1600 lbs of force, and do a knee strike as devastating as a 35 mph car crash. (Link)


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