There is a proper way to tie a Taekwondo belt. Although there are several different methods, they all end up with the same result. The following is an easy to understand method.
First, find the middle of the belt by lining up the ends. There should be no twists in your belt. Place the middle of the belt over your belly button

Next, wrap the belt around the back. When the two ends meet, one end must go under and one must stay over. This is critical to ensure that your belt does not cross in the back.


Wrap the side that was over under both strands of the belt. To finish the knot, keep the upper strand on top, and then tie it through the strand that was on the bottom as shown. In the picture, the strand pointing down will come up and to the person’s right. It is also called a square knot.

There are three key aspects of a correctly tied belt. First, the ends are even. Second, the knot is the correct ‘fortune cookie’ knot, with both ends facing out sideways. Third, the belt is not crossed in the back.