Kicks are a very important part of martial arts

Front Kick - This kick uses the ball of the foot to go directly into the target. This kick is used in many different forms.

Roundhouse Kick - The main kick used in sparring, it comes in back leg, fast kick, ap bahl, pada chagie, and butterfly varities. Each one can be made into a double. The hips are turned so that contact is made to the side of the target with the top of the foot. In some traditional styles the ball of the foot is used.

Side Kick - Side kick is also used in many forms. The body is turned sideways, so that the target is hit from the front. The heel and knife edge of the foot are used. The whole body must be lined up properly. Here is Master Ghassan's front leg.

Ax Kick - The ax kick comes from up and then hits on the way down with the heel and/or ball of the foot.

Crescent Kick - The crescent kick comes in two versions, outside to inside and inside to outside. It makes an arc and hits perpendicular to the target. Video Coming Soon.

Back Kick - The back kick is the most powerful kick. It is used to counter a roundhouse and for breaking. Kick with your hips down and heel pointing up.

Spin Hook Kick - The spin hook kick is similar to a back kick, but you hook around instead of going straight back. You can also see Master Bill relentlessly practicing spin hook kicks in the short film 360 degrees.

Butterfly Kick - The butterfly kick (KAT term) is also called the 360 Roundhouse (general term). You spin around and pivot, jump, and kick with the same foot.

540 Kick - In this kick you start with a butterfly but land on the same leg. This is a more advanced demo kick and shouldn't be tried until you can do a butterfly kick well.

L Kick - This kick comes from Capoeira. You go on one arm and kick up in a L or 'swoosh' motion. If you hold onto someone's arm, you can transition to arm bar.

360 Hook Kick - You again spin on your front leg, but this time towards your open side. There are many variations.

540 Hook Kick - This is the next step after the 540 kick and very difficult.


These are most of the basic kicks. For more advanced kicks see the KAT handbook, KAT Youtube, Wikidrills, or demo team class.