Guard – The guard is an important position, especially for the smaller grappler. When you can wrap one or both of your legs around your opponent above the hips, he is in your guard. So, when you are being taken down and cannot mount your opponent, the first thing you should do is to put a good solid guard on. You can lock your ankles together to keep yourself in the guard and push your opponent away from you if he tries to punch. If you are able to roll over then you will be in the mount. This type of move is called a sweep. There are many submissions you can apply from the guard, including the guillotine choke, arm bar, kimura lock, omaplata, and triangle choke when your opponent tries to pass your guard. When your legs are closed and ankles crossed, it’s called the Closed Guard. When the legs are open, it’s called the Open Guard. When you have one leg wrapped around your opponent and one between his legs, you have him in your Half Guard.