Front Mount- A mount is defined as being on top of the other person and having your legs above their hips. Once you are in the mount, you can easily strike your opponent or apply a submission. The most common submissions from the mount are arm bars and chokes.

The best way to get out of the mount is not to get into it in the first place. So it is important to remember when you are falling or struggling on the ground that you should get at least one knee up and touching your elbow. Then, you can’t be front mounted. Also, whenever you can you should try to hook your legs around your opponent’s back. If you can even get one leg around, then you will be in the half guard, which is a completely different story. If you do happen to be mounted though, there are several things you can try.

You can try to trap one side and bridge up suddenly, especially when your opponent tries to throw a punch. You can push his leg down, turn on your side, stick your hips out, and try to hook one of his legs (shrimping). You can try to strike in the groin area, or you can wrap your arms around his back and try to keep your body close enough to his that he cannot strike. You should avoid the natural impulse to turn over on your stomach at all costs as this will put you in a back mount and a much worse position. Grappling drill G covers the main mount escapes.