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Our students and their parents have a ton of great things to say about the taekwondo lessons that form the KAT experience. Their praise of our martial arts classes earned us a top 5 martial arts school designation from Channel 7 news. You can see many reviews of our school at the channel 7 main site. You can also click the button below to see reviews accumulated from Google. You may also want to see humorous quotes from childrens' essays.

"I used to be a lazy kid, but now I'm a lazy kid that kicks butt!" - Chris, Student

“KAT not only lets me have great conditioning and goals but also is a lot of fun you meet great people.” - Sarah Gehrke, Student

“I’ve trained in Taekwondo academies all over the world, and KAT is the best. Not only do the masters have strong technical knowledge, but they are great with kids. I signed up both my son and daughter. Plus, I lost 20 lbs in the first 3 weeks.” - Chris Guiterrez, 7 time Peruvian national champion.

“This is a place that really cares about their families. When tragedy struck our family and my youngest son suffered brain damage, Master Bill went out of his way to help, even getting news coverage and hosting a kickathon to raise funds and awareness. KAT reached out and helped us when others wouldn’t.”
- Jenni Thompson, mother.

“Training in tkd has helped me gain more focus and harmony in my life. I truly know myself now that I am a martial artist.” -Elizabeth Brewer, Student

“Sam has developed more confidence and is developing a better attitude. Krystina is showing stronger leadership, discipline, fitness and confidence”Foxworthy Family.

"My 4 year old went to the City of Aurora program for a month and hated it. When we tried KAT, he loved it and wanted to go every day. My 3 year old is now almost ready to start and eventually our whole family will join. They are great with kids, but not intimidating to adults just starting out." - Toni H

"The instructors expect discipline, structure, and excellence but combine these with compassion, humor, and fun! We love K.A.T.!!!" - Nicky Sue

"It has the most amazing teachers. The training is great, usable and safe. It is my favorite thing to do each day and I always look forward to next class." - Nathan A

"Discipline,respect, direction and hard work is taught at KAT. They are all their to support and help each other. I feel many of the students will have bright futures because of the training they are learning at KAT." - Judy R

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