Oct 19

October Word of the Month – Health


Health is one of the most important things that we as humans have. Health refers to our physical well being, to everything in our bodies working in harmony as it should. Unfortunately, we don’t all start out with good health. Most of us do, but there are always some people who are born with certain conditions that impedes their health.

Training in martial arts has many benefits for your overall health, but care must be taken to stop any activity before you become injured. Despite our best efforts, sometimes injuries will occur. In these cases it is important to rest so that you do not risk further injury.

Although health is so important, it’s often taken for granted, especially by young people. They will do things that are destructive for their health, figuring that they won’t end up paying for it until they are old, if at all. However studies have shown that they way you live while young will have much to do with when and how you die.

Health is often thought of physically, but emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial health are all important as well. True health is a state where you balance the many needs of your life. Sure, working hard might be good for your financial health, but maybe not for your physical health. By using wisdom to make good choices, you will have a longer and better quality life.

To Do:

Pick one activity that you engage in (too much coffee, working too hard/long, not getting enough sleep, etc) and make a conscious effort to change it this month. Put a check mark for every day you are successful.

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