My name is Master Bill Pottle and I am here to show you how you and your children can be happier, healthier, and safer. How can I make such a claim? I'm the head instructor of the Korean Academy of Taekwondo, and we've been doing just that for thousands of people over the more than 33 years we've been in business here in Aurora, CO.

The United States is a great country, but modern society has left us with many problems. Childhood obesity is rampant, Crime touches the lives of nearly everyone, and it's harder than ever for students to succeed in school and life. Certainly, these problems won't go away overnight. But what if I told you that there was an ancient, traditional way of life that could give you or your children an ''unfair advantage' to help you succeed in life?

What if I told you that this was not only scientifically proven in study after study, but that people just like you had been already taking advantage of this for years?

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Fill out the form on this page and we will email you a link to download a copy of our special report "The 9 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Any Martial Arts School"Even if you decide to train somewhere else, the lessons you learn will arm you with many facts and questions to help you find the right training environment for you.