Colorado martial arts classes

KAT Mountain and Survival Training

`Every summer, KAT students and friends climb to the top of a local 14er, with some training along the way. A trip to Beaujos in Idaho Springs for some Colorado Style Pizza is usually the perfect end to a long day of hiking.

This training at 14,000 feet is great for cardio, confidence, and teaching students to break through obsticles.



1Here at KAT we view our job of teaching 'self defense classes' very seriously. This includes teaching students to protect themselves if they were ever lost in the wilderness.

KAT survival training is an optional weekend camping trip in the mountains where students earn points for constructing shelters, finding objects hidden in the forest, starting fires, learning to track animals, or silently sneaking up on others.








Mountain Training Highlights

Survival Training Highlights

KAT students can earn the survival training patch for successfully completing the course.

Martial Arts survival training patch

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