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1The KAT logo embodies the philosophy of the school. It is a blend of traditional symbols and modern materials and rendering1. The base of the logo is the Taoist concept called Yin-Yang in Japanese and Um-Yang in Korean. This concept signifies the essential balance in nature between light/dark, day/night, male/female, positive/negative, etc. For our school it represents our philosophy of ‘a mind in the future and a heart in the past.’ The Um-Yang is interrupted to represent the blue sky and snow-capped mountains of Colorado.

The tiger in the middle represents strength, stealth, and explosiveness. It is also a play on the initials of our school.

The three symbols are the Korean words of Tae, Kwon, and Do.

The logo has many forms and colors. You can see the students showing their creativity on the Student Art album. The KAT logo is 'open source' and may be adapted for many different situations and programs.

Go to the Downloads Page to download the logo. There are many different versions on the Facebook Kat Logos Album.




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