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KAT Little Tigers Program

Kids winning medalsThe KAT Little Tigers Program is a pre-martial art program designed especially for students from ages three to five and a half (3- 5 ½ ) years. Working with young children at this critical stage in their development can have lifelong benefits. See this study about how teaching self control at this age contributes to lifelong success. The class lengths are appropriate to these children’s developmental stages. Course content focuses on teaching children:

• Gross/Fine Motor Coordination / Strength / Flexibility
• Martial Arts Basics
• Basic Stances
• How to Stand Still
• How to Form Lines
• How to Share, Take Turns, Etc
• Running and Jumping Skills
• Proper Falling Technique
• How to Get Along with Others and Teamwork
• How to Listen and Watch Instructors
• How to Talk to Strangers

Martial Arts class for pre-schoolersChildren who complete the Little Tigers program will be ready to enter the regular training program with a special head start. In fact, multiple Little Tigers have gone on to become national and international champions. The Little Tigers use a series of striped white belts that are awarded to them for special accomplishments. These children do not use contact sparring. In the Littleton school this program is called Little Dragons and in the Loveland School it is called Little Warriors. Younger children should try to Tiger Cubs program with their parents.

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