Colorado martial arts classes

KAT Children's Program

The KAT Children's classes are a key part of our school. Children will learn a number of important things
• Gross/Fine Motor Coordination / Strength / Flexibility
• Martial Arts Basics
• Basic and Advanced Stances
• Focus and Discipline
• How to Defend Themselves with Striking and Grappling
• How to Share, Take Turns, Etc
• Running and Jumping Skills
• Proper Falling Technique
• How to Respect Elders and Higher Ranks
• How to Recognize Dangerous Situations
• How to Escape from Holds and Locks

The children's class is a full martial arts program, and they will learn all of the techniques, depending on their experience and belt. They are also able to compete against other schools or perform on the demonstration team. The best way to see if KAT is right for you and your child is to come in and try a free class today. Fill out the form below to receive more information and a free trial class.


Other Information

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