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KAT Intramurals

KAT hosts intramural competitions between tournaments to sharpen our skills. In 2012 we replaced intramurals with the Colorado Elementary School Taekwondo League and the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Taekwondo League.


See the following results or all time standings.

See the Intramurals 7 Results (1/8/2011) ... Intramurals 6 Results (5/15/2010) Intramurals 5 Results (10/24/09) Intramurals 4 Results (Sept 5th, 2009) , Intramurals 3 Results (Jan 18th, 2009) or

All Time Standings

Here are the prizes you can earn for your points:

10 Points
*Receive any patch you earned for Free.

25 Points

*KAT Basic Uniform
*KAT Beanie Hat or Visor

50 Points

*Enter any local tournament for Free
*Take any color belt test for Free

75 Points

*KAT Warmup Jacket
*KAT Ultimate Embroidered Uniform
*Nike Uniform



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