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Master Bill Pottle ovesees all programs and teaches many classes, but we often have many different classes going on all over town simultaneously. The instructor corps is one of the biggest strengths that allows KAT to bring students to the highest levels. KAT currently also has a number of master level instructors furthering their training with us as well as many alumni certifitied instructors, but they are not actively teaching, and are not included on this roster. We also have many students enrolled in the instructor training program who may assist class under the guidance of more experienced instructors.

Master Level Instructors
1Master Ghassan Timani (7th Dan) - Master Ghassan was the 2nd head master of KAT (1995-2004). During this time he was also president of the Colorado State TKD Association. Although he has a very busy schedule, he teaches classes when he can and also teaches Hapkido black belt seminars.


1Master Bob Mckenna (7th Dan) - Master McKenna is President of the Colorado State TKD Association and director of referees. He is also an International Referee (IR) He works with forms competitors and assists and attends class in Littleton.
Master Bill Pottle (6th Dan) - Master Bill helps to oversee all KAT programs. See his biography here.

Master Matt Bailey (5th Dan) - Master Matt served in the US Air Force and was one of only a select few athletes to be chosen for the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) where the Air Force suspended his duties to allow him to train and compete full time. He represented the United States at the World Military Championships in Korea.

emelio tioMaster Emelio Tio (4th Dan) -Master Emelio has been training in martial arts for over 40 years. He personifies indomitable spirit, and even a total hip replacement has been barely enough to slow him down. He currently lives in Texas. Master Kamil LatipovMaster Kamil Latipov (4th Dan) - Master Kamil is a many time Colorado State Team member and Tajikistan National Team member. Master Kamil is one of the competition team coaches and teaches at many afterschool programs. (See Full Biography)


RJ TomasMaster RJ Tomas (4th Dan) - RJ is the head of the KAT demo team, and also known for being immune to gravity. His martial arts and teaching skills earned him a spot (out of 35,000 applicants) on the show Pinoy Big Brother. .
Bethany LopezMaster Bethany Lopez (4th Dan) - Master Bethany teaches at the headquarters school in the beginners, childrens, and weapons classes. She is from a family of black belts.
  Master Katie Pottle (4th Dan) - Katie teaches at the main school and helps with administrative work there. She is a generalist who teaches many different classes and programs. She is also the head of kick me photography and the KAT digital media division.
Level 1 Instructors
Scott Granger (2nd Dan) - Instructor Scott is the owner and head instructor of the Loveland School and is also a certified strength and conditioning coach. See Ins Scott's Full Bio. Instructor Christina SChristina Seraile (1st Dan) - Instructor Christina specializes in the beginners classes at the Aurora headquarters. She is a member of the National Honor Society.
LaRon Younger (2nd Dan) - Instructor LaRon teaches most of the classes in the Littleton school. He is also a black belt in Hapkido, and a certified CPR/First aid instructor through the Red Cross. See his full bio. Harrison Archer (2nd Dan) Instructor Harrison teaches classes as needed
Chris Webster (2nd Dan) - Chris W is KAT's newest instructor. He helps out in other classes. Lauren Aunkst (2nd Dan) Lauren occasionally helps out at Quest and GVA.
Kyle LandonKyle Landon (3rd Dan) - Instructor Kyle is a key instructor who runs the Demo Team when Master RJ is in the Philippines. He also teaches at High Point Academy as well as the Littleton school. Ins Shannon ClousingShannon Clousing (2nd Dan) - Instructor Shannon teaches in the littleton school and also runs a program at her church.
Lexi Brown (2nd Dan) - Lexi helps out with afterschool programs. Mitch Wisner (3rd Dan) - Instructor Mitch is the head of the KAT sport poomsae program.




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