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KAT Green Initiative

Although we are a small business, when it comes to keeping the environment healthy, everyone should do their part. Global warming might or might not be due to greenhouse gasses, but improving our lives and our world is a central part of martial arts training. Even so, KAT spends thousands of dollars each year on energy. Our parents and students keep spending more money every month on gas. Here’s our plan to help everyone save money and save the environment:

• The majority of our environmental impact comes from students driving to class. Students can request a list of others who live close to them in order to implement carpooling.

• We use heating and air conditioning systems only when needed. We open the doors in the summertime if possible. We have a NEST Thermostat in our main locations which allows remote control and other energy saving features.

• We rely on electronic communication systems as much as possible. We’ve already saved several trees worth of paper from newsletters alone.

• We have green recycling bins so that we can recycle the plastic bottles that students use for juice.

• We’ll continue to support black belt candidates in their service projects. Often these include cleaning a park or other important tasks.

• Office waste paper (without sensitive information) is turned into scrap paper for kids to draw/color when they are not in class.

• We take energy efficiency into account when purchasing new appliances and equipment.

• We set the computers to hibernate when not in use.

• We recycle or reuse all of our ink and toner cartridges.

• We make sure to turn off all lights and equipment at the end of the day unless needed.

• We use compact florescent lighting, which is much more durable and energy efficient than incandescent lighting.

• We use leftover water in water bottles to water plants and trees outside.

• We take advantage of occasional outside training opportunities.

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