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Martial Arts Festival/Ninja Mile

KAT often hosts a martial arts festival at the end of the summer to provide a fun way to try out new martial arts events and competitions. During 2014, this will be on Sat Aug 23rd and coincide with the Ninja Mile Race.

More information about the race will be coming soon

See some of the exciting events contested in the past:

Forms - Do your form and have judges give you specific critiques on how to make it better.

Creative Froms - Do the same, with or without music

Weapons Forms - Do your form with a martial arts weapon

Trick Kick Battle - Come bust your your best XMA moves in a battle against other trickers.

Largest Snychronized Form - How many people can you get from your school to do a form together without errors?

Paintfoot Sparring - Wear a white t-shirt over your hogu and red or blue chalk on your feet. Try to mark up your partner to win. (No Head Contact)

Water Balloon Grappling - Tape a balloon to your parnter and try to pop it by taking them down.

Longest Double Kicks - Can you make it all the way around the park without breaking rhythm?

Padded Sword Sparring - Face off against your friends!

Longest Flying Kick - We'll break out the tape measure and see how far you can go.

Blaster Pad Sparring - The favorite event from the tournament will be back.

Students can compete in any or all of the events. Your performance in the event will earn you tickets, which can later be exchanged at the auction for prizes including swords, medals, DVDs, food, toys, and more!


Highlights from 2009 Festival

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