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Common Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Can anyone join? Yes! We have everyone from 2 year old beginners to 65+ year old black belts. We have students at all different ability levels (special needs to Olympians) and many students with various disabilities. Martial arts training can be especially beneficial to students with ADD, Autism, ADHD, and various learning disabilities. We have martial arts classes for adults, taekwondo lessons for children, training for women, etc. Of course, the large variety of students means everyone doesn't train in the same class. We have Tiger Cubs (2-3 year olds), Little Tigers (3-5), regular classes, and other programs like the Competition Team or the Demo Team. Each program is structured to be the best program for that age and ability level.

When is the next session? We have rolling admissions, which means we can accept new students whenever they are ready.

Is this religious? No. While there are some Asian philosophies passed down in training (ie, the value of hard work, respect for elders, etc) Taekwondo is not a religion, and will not affect the religion of anyone who practices it. We have students who train here from many faiths and also those from no faith at all.

What styles do you teach? Our main focus is the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF or Kukkiwon) style, also known as the Olympic style. This is the style that students receive their belts in. We also employ techniques from many other styles for our practical self defense and weapons parts of the curriculum. These include ITF Taekwondo, Brazilian ju-jitsu, kendo, judo, wrestling, and thai boxing.

How young do you take students? We have a special program called Tiger Cubs (2-3 year olds) and another one called Little Tigers (3-5). These programs are age appropriate and build tremendous skills. The skills learned in either program would transfer well to other sports.

Do you require contracts? We do NOT require contracts. We only ask 30 days notice to stop training. We also have tremendous family deals.

What’s the difference between Taekwondo and Karate? Although they are both similar, there are several differences. Taekwondo is in the Olympics and Karate is not. Taekwondo also uses more kicking techniques and gives more aerobic exercise than Karate. Karate is from Japan and Taekwondo is a Korean martial art.

Why should I train with you rather than somewhere else? There are several reasons. The first is that our track record is unmatched by other schools. We have a 30+ year history and many of the other schools in the state have instructors who came from KAT. We blend the traditional aspects of martial arts with new technological innovations to give the students the best possible training. See more reasons.

Why is the art sometimes spelled differently? Because the Korean Hangul alphabet is different than the roman alphabet, sometimes words will be sounded out differently depending on who does the translation. Thus the art is called Taekwon-do, T'ae kwondo, taekwando, Taequando, etc.

Where do your students come from? We have students who come from all over the Denver metro area. Most students are from Denver or Aurora, but we have some from Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Thornton, Greenwood Village, and more. We also serve many zip codes, including 80014, 80012, 80010, etc.



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