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Colorado Elementary School League

KAT has formed the CES-TKD League (Colorado Elementary School) so that students will be able to compete for their academic schools and so that we may increase students' skills, friendship, and team spirit.

Students compete in 4 different events - (Traditional Forms, Grappling, Sparring, and Breaking.) Students earn one point for their school for each event that they enter. This is different from previous years - now students will be able to face the people who will give them the greatest experience without losing points for their school.

The points are added and all schools are ranked. The top 4 schools receive their name engraved on a cup, which stays in their school's trophy case for 1 year.

The 2011-2012 Champion was Aurora Quest Academy. The 2012-2013 Champion was Global Village Academy. The 2013-2014 Champions were Aurora Quest Academy and Crescent View Academy. You can see the results from the 2012 school year on

The Fall 2015 Event will be held on December 13th at the Korean Academy of Taekwondo Aurora Location. Print out the registration form below and bring it to the event.


Which school will hoist the 2014-2015 League Cup ?

Registration Form and Schedule Condensed Rules 2012 Results Spreadsheet




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