Help in Training

Holding Paddles- Kicking paddles are an excellent and inexpensive training tool.
• Roundhouse Kick
o Hold at either waist or head level.
o Hold with laces down
o Angle slightly toward kick
o Provide a stiff kicking resistance.
• Ax Kick
o Hold at head level
o Hold with large section towards kicker
• General High Kick
o Hold facing towards kicker at head level
o Can be used for crescent kick, spin hook kick, high butterfly kick, 540, etc.

How to use them- First hold them steady, then vary timing, distance, height, frequency, stimulus reaction, combinations, etc.

Forms Training - You can help your kids without knowing their form!
Look for the same things they judge them on in the tournament
• Balance, power, beginning and ending in the same spot, snap, etc. You can help them in these areas of their form.
• The same goes for One Step Sparring and Demonstration Forms

Korean Terminology - Quiz the kids on their terminology just as you would for their spelling words or other homework. They only have to memorize one group of words every three months.