Most of our adult matches that we do in the dojang will go until submission. However, many grappling tournaments have a time limit and the winner of the match is determined by the score of points. Also, grappling for points can be appropriate for children and those who do not know submissions. The following point system is generally used:

Takedown from Standing (3 Points) – Takedown into a control position. A takedown to your opponent’s guard is not a scoring technique.

Takedown from Kneeling (2 Points)

Guard Pass (3 Points) – Usually requires a control position to be held for at least 3 seconds.

Sweep (2 Points) – Going from guard to mount will get you points.

Mount (4 Points) – If you hold the mount for 4 seconds you will usually get 4 points. This is in addition to the sweep, takedown, or guard pass points you got to get there. For the back mount, you generally need to get your hooks in.