Children who have parental support do much better in school and most other activities than those who do not. The fact that you signed your kids up for Taekwondo is a great first step. It shows that you are willing to invest time and money to help your children become confident, healthy, and happy. This guide was written to help busy parents like yourself know the best way to help.

Problems come not when parents become too involved, but when they become involved in the wrong way, put a disproportionate amount of pressure on their children to succeed, or get in fights with other parents. My favorite resource on this is the USA Hockey’s group of Award Winning Public Service Announcements called “Relax, it’s just a game.” They can easily be found by googling the name and USA Hockey.

Stress effort above results. With effort, results always come. Also, make sure that kids are having fun. Becoming an elite competitor in Taekwondo takes many years, and if it’s not fun, kids won’t stick with it. If they lost a match but made a new friend with their opponent, that’s still a good thing. Lastly, remember that the rules of the dojang apply to everyone.

When trying to help your children, it helps to remember that there are three main components of training. There is a lot of overlap between the different components.

Traditional Taekwondo – Forms, etc. Used for getting belts and ranks

Sport Taekwondo – Sparring. Used for getting medals, tournaments.

Practical Self Defense – Grappling, other strikes. Used for defending yourself on street.

It’s not the parents’ job to teach their children Taekwondo (that’s why you pay us!) but parents can do a lot to help their children in Taekwondo.

Parents can help their children in several main ways:

Help in training: Parents can hold paddles at home and in class, advise on forms, quiz students on Korean terminology, etc.

Motivational help: Parental support is one of the most important factors in children receiving their black belts and beyond.

Material Support: Paying for training, competitions, giving rides to class are all extremely important tasks for parents.

When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed” is especially true of parents and their children in the martial arts